Japan again!

During the past year I practically ended all ham radio related activities due to some family updates 👶 🙂

In the summer however I visited Italy again and… guess what? I had an opportunity to make another Japanese contact on 20 meters SSB, this time with JH1GEX Yutaka, near Tokyo.

Yutaka is an excellent operator: he routinely halts his pile-up to allow mobile / portable stations to make it through. If everyone would be so kind, portable operations would be much, much easier! Thank you Yutaka san!

HF Portable

Another Japan Voice QSO! This time from Italy

I am again in Italy, active as IZ6BYY.

With the help of Antonio IK6ZRX (who cut through the pile-up) I was able to work Kazu, JH3NGD with my portable loop and 10W on 20meters SSB.

Here is the video:

Unfortunately It was night and I could not properly ready Kazu’s call, so I misread it the whole time (rookie mistake). Besides that, I was given a 53 and was able to have a nice little QSO with Kazu, who speaks perfect Italian!

This obviously was a much easier QSO than It could have been because I had been announced by Antonio. Nevertheless it was for me a remarkable one. Thanks Kazu and thanks Antonio!